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The history of the Moinhos Água e Ambiente group started in 1989 with the creation of a Portuguese company, named Moinhos – Água e Energia, Lda., whose activity was included in the area of water treatment in general, as well as in development and application of environmental technologies and solutions.

With its headquarters in Santo Tirso, the company began its activity in Vale do Ave region, creating specific areas of business with special emphasis in the textile sector that at the time was at its peak of development.

In this sector, many references have been achieved, both in the treatment of water for the dyeing process, textile finishing and ennoblement as well as waste water treatment. Moinhos was the pioneer in Portugal in the development and implementation of technologies and treatment solutions for water reuse for the textile industrial process with ozone.

Near the year 2000, aware of the evolution and globalization of the markets, but also responding to the growing demands and challenges, the company decided to expand its area of ​​activity, orienting its strategy of action to the global market of the country, and consequently extending the activity to all economic sectors.

Following this strategy and in a perspective of segmentation, specialization and market requirements, Moinhos formed two other companies:



Sistemas Industriais de Bombagem

SIB, founded in 1997, to carry out its activity in the design, selection, design, manufacture, commercialization, assembly and maintenance of liquid pumping equipment and systems.



Sociedade Portuguesa do Ozono

SPO3, a company founded in 1999, to meet market needs for the application of technology and solutions involving ozone.

As a result of the strategy of diversification, Moinhos now has works of reference throughout the country, in a wide range of fields of application and economic sectors.

With all the years of practical work experience and with the complementation of a multidisciplinary engineering team, Moinhos is now able to develop solutions – from its design to its construction/installation, operation and maintenance – of the most modern water treatment technologies , ozone, UF, OI, as well as membrane effluent treatment technologies.

In this way, it was evident to Moinhos Água e Ambiente that – given its technical potential and know-how acquired over twenty years, equipped with a highly qualified, motivated and capable work group, and looking forward to a very unfavorable national context in the near future  – opening up to the international market would be fundamental for its development.

Having established the internationalization strategy, Moinhos Água e Ambiente has given priority to the Angolan market, with which it has had commercial relations since 2005. Thus, in 2009, in partnership with the angolan company Eurico Ferreira – Construção e Telecomunicações, Lda., of the group PROEF, a new company was established and named Moinhos EF – Água e Ambiente, Lda., with headquarters in Luanda. Through this new partnership, it was possible for Moinhos to diversify its field of activity, to publicize its operations in international markets, to have timely knowledge of international competitions and to obtain a better understanding of the strategy of other markets in terms of investment in the international market.

Moinhos is now also in advanced preparation for the formation of a Cape Verdean company, very focused on reuse, as well as continuous contacts with Tunisia, Morocco and Mozambique.

With all this new dynamics, the group felt the need to change its name and image as the milestone of a new era, where horizons go far beyond the borders of Portugal and go through the needs and problems of water in the global world.

This is how Moinhos Água e Ambiente, Lda. assumes itself.


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