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Research and Development

Moinhos Água e Ambiente has a culture of research and development of new technologies and solutions, associated with existing processes or systems, as well as a response to new challenges that potentiate new applications.

Based on this culture, the company has been developing and implementing new technologies, its professionals being the key. With a thirst for knowledge, all the professionals at Moinhos are looking for the best response to the challenges they face and are always committed to improving every day.

Proof of this are the numerous existing pilot plants in the company! These are the result of much research, various demonstrations of technology, solutions and results.

Current research and development areas

Reduction of excess biological sludge by advanced oxidation with ozone.

The objectives of the current studies are to deepen the knowledge of this application in real scale, namely: doses of ozone to be applied versus the percentage of sludge reduction and refining of the oxidation technology.

Degradation of endocrine disruptors and antibiotics through advanced oxidation with ozone.

There are complex, non-biodegradable pharmaceutical compounds that are rejected by the human body to the domestic effluents, which have a cumulative effect on ecosystems and have been proven to be harmful to living things. Existing studies, at academic level, demonstrate that ozone can be a strong solution for the destruction of these compounds. The full-scale studies that Moinhos is carrying out, together with other companies and organizations, aim to prove this capacity, efficiency, application costs and technology improvement.

Development of solutions for underdeveloped countries.

Lacking in potable water and electricity, where microbiological contaminations of water are a constant, putting the health of populations at risk. Some solutions:

  • Kit Africa – Water treatment unit with ultrafiltration technology, energetically autonomous with renewable energies.
  • Water House –  Integrated water treatment plant for human consumption and wastewater for the purpose of its reuse in communal gardens. By closing the water cycle, this solution allows, in addition to saving a scarce good, to minimize the proliferation of diseases through the integrated treatment of effluents.
  • Production Units of purified waterCreation of drinking water through systems of condensation of the atmospheric air water.
  • Medication cooling chestsEnergetically autonomous cooling chests.
  • Egg BroilerSystem for the hatching of eggs energetically autonomous.

Development of solutions with UF technology for swimming pools.


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