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O CompactMBR, is a system developed by Moinhos Água e Ambiente in cooperation with Kubota (Japan), which uses MBR technology for the treatment of effluents.

MBR (Membrane BioReactor) is a combined system that utilizes activated sludge biological treatment associated with biofiltration micro membranes for solid-liquid separation.

CompactMBR Applications

  • Treatment of domestic or industrial waste water, from small flows, in very compact prefabricated stations (in carbon steel, GRP, HDPE), to large effluent flows, in biological reactors built in concrete.
  • It is an excellent alternative when it is intended to directly reuse treated wastewater, safeguarding human health.
  • It is a serious option when it is intended to increase the treatment capacity of an existing WWTP, with the minimum of works, in the same space and with less investment.

CompactMBR Advantages

  • It is the most compact solution available in the market, being able to reduce up to 1/4 of the biological volume.
  • It produces excellent quality treated water, which is completely safe for human contact.
  • Simple construction facilities.
  • Robust, reliable and easy to operate solutions.
  • Less sludge production.


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