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Moinhos Água e Ambiente is a specialist in the design and implementation of Flotation Separation Systems (DAF). The MAFLOTtech system is an associated technology, developed by Moinhos, for solid-liquid separation by flotation.

MAFLOTtech has a high separation efficiency by flotation, as a result of the tight saturation process with compressed air. Its operation is simple and fully automatic, requiring no operator intervention.

The system is designed for each particular case, according to the intended objectives. It can be designed and supplied ready to use, being applied in tanks of stainless steel, GRP, concrete or other material, namely when it is in question the treatment of large flows of liquid.

MAFLOTtech Applications

  • Separation of fats (dairy industry, slaughterhouses, meat processing, etc …).
  • Separation of oily matter and hydrocarbons (petrochemical industry).
  • Sludge separation after physico-chemical processes of coagulation and flocculation (water treatment for human consumption, industrial process or waste water).
  • Sludge separation after biological processes of activated sludge (waste water treatment).
  • Sludge thickening for further dehydration.


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