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The ozone oxidation system, MAOZONEtech, developed by Moinhos Água e Ambiente in partnership with SPO3, has a wide field of application in the treatment of water, effluent and sludge.

The design of each system is particular to each application and the results to be achieved.

Depending on the flows to be treated and the conditions of its application, the MAOZONEtech system can be designed based on prefabricated reactors in stainless steel, GRP or concrete.

MAOZONEtech Applications

  • In the effluents

Degradation of compounds of complex chains, present in certain type of industrial effluents, aiming to make possible their biodegradability.

Tertiary treatment of waste water for color removal, deodorization, degradation of refractory compounds, degradation of endocrine disruptors, disinfection, among others. After treatment, these waters can be used for discharges in sensitive water environments, to be reused in the irrigation of green spaces, in the laundering of streets or for reuse in different industries.

  • In waters for human consumption

Ozonation technology has been used all over the world, playing an important role in providing quality water. This technology is commonly used in the pre-oxidation and intermediate ozonation phase of water treatment plants.

  • In waters of industrial process

The treatment of industrial process waters aims to allow closed-loop recirculation, particularly in fish farms or cooling towers.

Ozone technology has the advantage of not leaving residual or forming any reaction by-products, which elects it as a suitable technology for industrial process water disinfection.


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